Hello to all paddling friends. As you know flatwater.info is under construction for long time. And only now things began to move faster and in upcoming weeks I hope finally to launch it. The best, the greatest - flatwater.info!

Sure, many of you are waiting great videos from most serious competitions. Honestly I don't know what to do. Strange ICF behavior against publishing paddling video.. I think they should pay for distributing it, not punish. But that's the way it is now.

Until I figure out what to do, proudly presenting first videos from Szeged with Lithuanians in action : 1000m C1 SF1  and K2 SF3 please download it to your computer, choose "save as" option in your browser). As always videos are great quality, optimized for iPhone, but looks good on PC also.

Complete videos from 2011 ICF World Championships in Szeged ( please SEED IT ) :

Sure I would like to ask all of you to donate if you can via PayPal (to baidarew@bki.lt) as in few hours you "eaten" all free bandwidth and now I will pay for you having opportunity to watch this videos.  Not mentioning hosting expenses.